Porn is unsettlingly easy to find.  It really is at our fingertips.  Perhaps before watching it, one experiences a brief moment of fear–will I be punished for this?  I personally don’t think that any fair moral code could punish someone for harmless pleasure.  But is porn really harmless?

Porn is disappointing.  Very disappointing.  It is a travesty of a way to feed lust.  Perhaps it is preferable to forcing lust upon others, but it’s repugnant nonetheless.  There’s no point in filming something like it, with absolutely no creativity.  It’s mechanical, dry, and there’s not even contact between the two people except through the sexual act–no one does this in real life, no one should do this in real life, no one should pretend this happens in real life, and no one should implant in others’ minds the idea of doing this in real life.  Porn removes all subtlety, all imagination, all passion, all spontaneity, all intimacy, all thought from sex.  It objectifies the actors within it, and it objectifies the human body and all people for that matter, and it makes sexual pleasure nothing more than something sleazy, engineered–not to mention the people it oppresses by their circumstantial obligation to participate.  By sexual intuition, no one would reach the conclusions portrayed in porn.  Porn attempts to define pleasure for us and I pity those whose minds form any form of attachment to it.

For more on the detriments of pornography, watch the TEDTalks by Israeli speaker Ran Gavrieli.


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