What is my opinion on abortion?  First of all, I don’t think a doctrine that prohibits abortion should prohibit contraception, because sexual pleasure as only a pleasure that does not involve procreation is spiritually legal.  Also, if destroying a life is required to save another life or is the result of sex forced on the mother, the mother should have the right to choose–choose whether or not to preserve her own life, or choose because she didn’t get to choose to get pregnant in the first place.  But regardless of the right to choose, abortion should not be the first option; even if abortion is considered acceptable, there’s no reason to celebrate it.  We should look for inspiration to countries like Italy, where abortion is legal but has declined for the last few decades.  Life is still something to be respected, and sex under certain circumstances still has consequences according to nature, so why should we fight nature if the sex is only for the sake of pleasure?  As for Planned Parenthood, examining the facts one can discover that abortion is a tiny fraction of the services it provides (3% from 2013 to 2014), and defunding it out of sanctimony could have many repercussions, including a potential increase in government spending as a result of an increase in unplanned pregnancies.  A Medicare birth ($14,000) costs the government 28 times the price of a Planned Parenthood UID ($500), and every $1.00 invested in family planning saves $7.09 in government spending–while preventing abortions.  Yet, those who try to slam Planned Parenthood are very unlikely to support any of these measures.  In other words, if the goal is to reduce the incidence of abortion alone, a systematic approach would be highly more effective than religious zeal.  But the bottom line is, my opinions are mostly ideological and when it comes to policy, unless I were elected with the power to do so, I shouldn’t have the power to dispute the will of the majority.