Lizzie Velasquez

written 10/31/2015

The way Lizzie Velasquez encourages oppressed people is great, but I don’t like her argument that haters should keep bothering her “because I’m a better person than you’ll ever be.”  Her efforts to make people more tolerant are great, but at the same, in my opinion, people are too quick to obsess over some of these discrimination issues.  For example, that’s great if you’re LGBTQ, but there’s no reason to celebrate it; no one celebrates heterosexuality.  We should without doubt be open and respectful to everyone and fight for their rights if necessary.  Lizzie Velasquez happens to be a great person, and although the current state of our society makes celebration of the qualities of minorities necessary to bring light to those issues (thus warranting Velasquez’s fame), in a perfect world, if we ever reach such a state as a community, her body should not automatically win her respect.  If people see a person they find ugly, instead of automatically looking for his or her “real beauty within” (which might not even be there), they should just ignore the body and see the person for what they really are, like they do for everyone else.  The same goes for attractive people; we get closer to the truth, the goal of all humanity, when we see things for what they are, not for the form they take.  Until we reach that discrimination-free state, keep fighting, Velasquez!  I don’t respect you because you’re beautiful, but because you stand against discrimination, because you speak out against oppression, and because, of course, everyone deserves basic respect.


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