Houston Bathrooms

written 11/17/2015

There has been much opposition to the movement towards eliminating strictly cisgender-oriented bathrooms in Houston, Texas.  Traditionalists argue that there are only two genders and each is attracted only to the other, and that any variance from this is a “lifestyle choice” that everyone else has no obligation to tolerate.

On the Houston bathroom debates: in my opinion, it’s a silly discussion to have.  Part of it stems from Texan ignorance of the fact that physiological males can be attracted to males and physiological females can be attracted to females, so someone who feels the need to enter the bathroom of the unexpected sex probably doesn’t seek to do so out of lust or perversion.

Also, the ardor of Texans opposed to the LGBTQ agenda prevents them from seeing that people who come out as homosexual are pretty much never lying.  Also, no one would fake come out just to be a pervert.  Even if people did that, it would be futile because (from what I know) almost nothing can be seen in the ladies’ restroom.

On the other hand, part of it also stems from demands that contravene logistics: it doesn’t matter if you identify as the other gender, because the sign of a bathroom is meant for physiology, not identity.  The division of bathrooms was meant for convenience, not to express sexism or intolerance.  Besides, if you’re so far along in your hormone treatment that you already look like the other gender, no one will notice if you use the bathroom of your identity–in fact, in this case, using the bathroom of your technical physiology is even more likely to be unsettling to fellow users.

More fundamentally, I don’t believe anyone has the “right” to use any bathroom.  I respect transgendered and gender-queer (or other sexually ambiguous) people, but please quit the ideological arguments that gender doesn’t exist at all, because genuine male and female people still exist.  And above all, why does this argument have to turn into laws?  What need do Texans feel to elevate their bigotry to the policy level?


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